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Joel working in Studio X at Ex'Treme Institute

Joel working in Studio X at Ex’Treme Institute


Joel Kern is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, and engineer from St. Louis.  Joel began his music career leading bands as a guitarist, composer, and arranger.  Putting his time in the music scene, Joel has performed 150+ times a year for the past several years, helping him build a reputation in his home town as a prominent musician and writer.  Through his extensive work as a musician, Joel developed a unique sound and began developing artists. This marked the beginning of his career as a producer. His talents are very diverse and not only include composing, performing, and producing, but also engineering and mixing.  Joel has been contracted to engineer and mix many E.P.’s while producing and developing the artists as well.  His work as a musician and producer has also spread around the Midwest as a response to several tours of clubs and production work with the band “it” amongst many others. 

Aside from his professional work, Joel spent many years studying music composition and music technology. In his hometown, Joel attended Webster University where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Technology and a Master’s Degree in Composition. At the University, Joel was able to study under and work alongside many prominent St. Louis and world renowned musical figures including: Chris Potter, John Scofield, Chris Cheek, Willie Akins, Paul DeMarinis, Dan Rubright, Dave Black and many more.  In the spring of 2011, Joel presented a collection of original compositions written during his time as a graduate student.  The highly anticipated compositions broke the historical tradition at the University and received outstanding reviews from colleagues and the graduate committee.The music fused elements of pop, progressive, and modern jazz; a sound unique to Joel’s production style.

Joel is currently focusing on producing pop music and developing pop artists while still utilizing his live performance skills and extensive composition knowledge on his productions.



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  •  Webster University, M.M., Jazz composition, 2012composition and arranging studies with Kim Portnoy; jazz improvisation, jazz history, and jazz pedagogy with Paul Demarinis; analysis with Carla Colletti and Robert Chamberlin; music literature with Matt Kickasola; guitar studies with Dave Black and Tom Byrne; live sound with Lee Buckalew; music ensembles with Willie Akins and Benjamin Wheeler.
  •   Webster University, B.M., music technology, 2009audio production with Barry Hufker, studio maintenance with Lee Buckalew; microphone shootout with Paul Hennerich; MIDI sequencing and synthesis with Mark Casey; advanced audio mixing with Gary Gottlieb; composition and arranging with Kim Portnoy; film scoringwith Steven Schenkel, jazz theory with Kim Portnoy and Steve Schenkel, music theory and music history with Glen Bauer; jazz history with Paul DeMarinis; guitar studies with TomByrne; music ensembles with Willie Akins and Willem VonHombract.

Teaching Experience

Extreme Institute by Nelly, Adjunct Instructor, 2013

  • Teach and write curriculum for classes in the associates degree program of music production.
  • Classes taught- Recording 1, Music Theory, Intro to Entertainment Media and Business, History of American Music, Songwriting, and Digital Audio Workstations 1.

Webster University, Chief Sound Engineer and Trainee/Substitute Teacher, 2011-

  • Trained undergraduate students on proper setup and breakdown procedures of advanced audio equipment.
  • Taught jazz theory and improvisation to undergraduate students.

 Fazio’s Frets and Friends, multi-instrumental instructor, 2009-present-

  • Teach students guitar, bass, mandolin and drums from basic to advanced in jazz,classic, and rock & blues.

Fazio’s Rock Academy, Band instructor, 2009-present-

  •  Teach guitar, bass, drums, keyboard and vocals to students of all ages during seasonal camps.
  • Lecture about music theory, songwriting, audio production and stage etiquette in daily classes.

Joel Kern Productions, Guitar/Bass/Composition/Audio instructor, 2006-present-

  • Teach students advanced techniques in jazz guitar, bass, composition, and common audio production techniques.

A&M Music, Guitar instructor  and sales associate 2008-2010-

  • Taught guitar, bass, and drums to students from basic to advanced in jazz, classic, and rock & blues.

Saint Charles Guitar Exchange, Guitar instructor and sales associate, 2002-2007-

  • Taught guitar and bass to students from basic to advanced in jazz, classic, and rock & blues.

 Professional Experience

 House Producer/Engineer at Studio X in Saint Louis. 2013

  • Work under multi-platinum recording engineer Carl Nappa.  Produce and record clients on original music projects.

  Composer, Sampled Voice (3,4,5,7), 2012

  •  Composed an electro-acoustic piece based on polymeter utilizing sound samples of 19 male voices.  Recorded and sequenced all voices.

   Composer, Sounds In The Garage, 2012

  •   Composed an electro-acoustic piece based on the recorded samples of objects commonly found    in a garage.  Recorded and sequenced all sounds.

  Composer,22 (Slide Guitar Ensemble and String Quartet), 2012

  • Composed a piece for 10 electric guitars, electric bass, and string quartet.  Utilized computer based techniques to manipulate the stereophonic positioning and level of audio tracks.Performed all guitar parts.

 Performer, Downtime Production Company, 2011-present

  • Perform jazz, classical, and pop guitar for corporate events throughout the midwest with top musicians in the greater Saint Louis region.

Performer, Unconsciously Living, 2012

  • Arranged and performed guitar on debut album by “Music Embryo.”

 Audio Engineer/Producer,Unconsciously Living Demo, 2011

  • Recorded, mixed, and worked with artist to accomplish creative decisions during the recording     of a demo song.

Arranger, Set Me Free, 2012

  • Arranged and co-composed music for Saint Louis artist “Music Embryo.”

Audio Engineer/Producer, To Be, 2012

  • Recorded, mixed, and oversaw creative and artistic decisions during a single song recording session with Saint Louis recording artist “Music Embryo.”

Composer/Arranger, Eye, 2012

  •  Composed music for jazz big band. Performed by the Webster University Jazz Collective.

Performer, Honors Recital, 2012

Performed jazz recital with other honors recipients in the Winifred-Moore Auditorium at   Webster University.

Performer/Composer, graduate composition recital, 2012

  • Performed six original compositions with a sextet of acclaimed Saint Louis musicians in the recital hall at Webster University.

Audio Engineer/Producer/Performer, Shades of Temperament,” 2012

  • Recorded and mixed all tracks, oversaw creative decisions, and performed drum set on debut album released by Saint Louis singer/songwriter Cody James.

Performer/Co-Songwriter/Audio Engineer, the sh, 2011

  •  Performed multiple instruments, recorded, and mixed an album for the band it. All songs co-written with Saint Louis producer Andrew Bohler.

 Performer, jazz clinic at Webster University, 2011

  • Performed guitar with acclaimed jazz saxophonist Chris Potter for a jazz clinic.

  Performer, President Stroble Inauguration, 2010

  • Performed jazz concert with jazz trio of top Saint Louis musicians for the inauguration of President Stroble with Webster University.

Performer, New Student Welcome Concert, 2010

  • Performed jazz concert with jazz trio of top Webster University students.

Performer, The Dudes Duo, 2010-present

  • Perform guitar in a duo multiple times a week at local venues and private events.

Audio Engineer/Producer, “Disco De Disco,” 2010

  • Recorded and coached vocalist Heather Korn for a single released by New York based dance group “Disco Monkey.”

Audio Engineer/Producer, “Superstar,” 2010

  • Recorded and coached vocalist Heather Korn for a single released by New York based producer Dr. Redford.

Audio Engineer/Producer, “Paper Soldiers,” 2010

  • Recorded, mixed, and oversaw creative decisions for Saint Louis artist Zach Fendelman.

Audio Engineer, collection of six demos, 2010

  • Recorded and mixed six songs for a demo E.P.  The Saint Louis based band went by the name of “Turbulance.”

Composer/Performer, “Cosmic Brothers,” 2010

  • Composed music for a dance/theatrical piece performed in Brooklyn New York.

 Composer/performer, “Cosmic Sisters”,  2009

  • Composed music for a dance/theatrical piece performed in the Touhill Arts Center at the   University of Missouri Saint Louis.

 Film Score Composer, “After Thoughts,”  2009

  • Composed and recorded music for student film titled “After Thoughts.” Accepted into the St. Louis film festival.

Performer/Composer, “Through the Eye,” 2009

  • Composed and performed 9 tracks for album entitled “Through the Eye.” Groupthink was the name of the commercial rock band that released the album.

Audio Engineer, “The Raft We Arrived On,” 2008-2009

  • Recorded and mixed all tracks by Saint Louis based post-rock band called “Torchlight Red.”

Audio Engineer, collection of nine songs, 2008

Recorded, mixed, and coached Saint Louis based band “Oh, Falco” for their debut E.P.

Arranger,Jeanine, 2008

  • Arranged jazz standard Jeanine for jazz big band.  Performed by the Webster University Big        Band.

Performer/Composer, “Diapason,” 2007

  • Composed and performed 6 tracks the debut album entitled “Diapason” by the commercial rock band Groupthink.

Performer, Student Recital, 2007

Performed guitar on Paul Shanker’s jazz recital in the Music Annex at Webster University with acclaimed Saint Louis musicians.

Performer, Student Recital, 2007

  • Performed guitar on Anthony Butler’s jazz recital in the recital hall at Webster University with undergraduate students and faculty.

 Performer, student recital, 2006

  • Performed guitar on Paul Shanker’s junior jazz recital in the music annex at Webser University with acclaimed Saint Louis musicians.



*Pro Tools certified


Honors and Awards

*Department Honors, 2012

*Graduate Assistant, 2010-2012

* Buder Scholarship, 2010-2011

*Department Honors, 2009

*Cum Laude Honors, 2009

*TKT Scholarship, 2007-2008

*Buder Scholarship, 2006-2007Best Guitarist,

*Battle of the Bands, 2007